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WII/PS3 VGA assembly line
WII/PS3 VGA assembly line
Product name : WII/PS3 VGA assembly line
Item : JT-1004701
Price :
Details of WII/PS3 VGA assembly line :
 This is a neat, economic and simple solution for connecting with your PlayStation 3 PS3 console or Nintendo W/ii console directly into the VGA socket on either an HDTV or PC Monitor.

The resolution of the pictures is 480P (640*480) when connecting with your Wii game console. The resolution of the pictures is controlled through the game console. The resolution of the output pictures is 480P/720P/1080I/1080P when used with the PS3 game console.


Features and Specifications:

The frequency of the output pictures is 50/60/75HZ so it will work anywhere in the world

Audio output signal port is compatible with speakers and a headphone.

Power consumption: 150MA-200MA, supplied by game console.

Separate signal input ports for Wii and PS3

One RGBHV signal output, 15 pin, can be connected to PC monitor or HDTV

Red and white stereo signal output with RCA ports

Green RCA port is a colorless video output port, which is used to adjust the output format of game consoles.

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